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=Congradulations to the lamest show on earth=

Never have I seen a show that could possibly be a lame and assinine as this. When I watch this show for 5 minutes, I have a near uncontrollable urge to break things all around and let out a primal scream as loud as possible. To shorten this out, this show sucks. It sucks. I can't even tell you how much suckage this sucky-ass show sucks, but I can tell you why I think it sucks.

The show is basically about a gay dude living with a straight chick, or a gay chick living with a gay dude, I really have no fucking idea what all of the relationships are, they seem to switch sexual orientation every episode. To me, this show is just like that crock of shit Ellen where the entire basis of the show is that the protagonist or a bunch of characters is gay, and they llloooooovvvee talking about being gay, which is all they really can do in the show because if they don't talk about being gay or talking about a gay media icon, they have no other choice than to crack lame jokes about pop stars and celebrity assholes. Now my $1,000,000,000 question is - who gives a fuck?

However I must confess that I have laughed at a few of those crummy jokes. "WTF?!" Why? Because they're so stupid and lame, all you can really do is laugh in pity and shame. Almost all of their jokes sound forced, you know how some sitcoms have a laugh track after every sentence? Multiply that by 3 and you have Will & Grace. It's not like in Everybody Loves Raymond or The Simpsons, when something really fucked up or comical happens, the characters just stare in awe and silence for 30 seconds, and you're flat on your ass laughing like hell. In Will & Grace, they just have to have the end of every sentence be a punch line. It's like those jokes that Dubbya Bush says at his announcements that aren't really jokes. I assume that I'm supposed to laugh, but... I just... can't.

Don't watch Will & Grace.