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=Early Ownage=


Map: Rice Fields
Game Type: 3v3
Our Team: Orc x2, Human x1
Other Team: Night Elf x2, Human x1
Victor: Our team





This game starts out in the lowland map called Rice Fields. On my team we have I, who is using Orc this time, and my two allies who are using Orc and Human. I start off my usual build order of three workers on gold, two on an altar and food supply, then make another Peon build a Barracks. For the hero I chose the Shadow Hunter, aka. Voodoo Man and trained four Grunts while I built a second Barracks. My Orc ally got hero-rushed by a Beastmaster, but he easily staved off his harassment. I then went creeping with the Voodoo Man and the 4 Grunts while completing a War Mill so I could use my plan of using an all-Troll army.

Our plan was to rush the enemy, so we all quickly gathered in the middle of the map, when we saw 2 enemy players headed for Green. We intercepted the attack and caused them to Town Portal to safety, and Red pinged the minimap to show us which target to attack for our counter. Our target was Teal at the right of the map. He was easy as hell to kill and Purple pussied out in a weak attempt to save Teal's ass. We easily finished off Teal and went for a session of post-rape creeping. We gathered more units and launched them into Pink's base. He had nothing but 2 barricaded towers and a few preists that were slain in 5 seconds. Purple came in right when my Grunts and Felhound were raping Peasants. He brought a bit more than before, with a bunch of Druids of the Talons and weak Archers, but he was no match for us, as he pussied out again.

Pink left the game and we continued on the Purple's base for the final fight, in which he pussied out AGAIN and left the game. Way too easy.


My base at the beginning

Early creeping

Intercepting Teal and Purple

Pulling out a can of Whoop Ass on Teal

Post-rape creeping

Jacking up Pink's defenses

Purple come to save the day... err not

Killing Pink's workers

Pink's burning base at the time when Purple pussied out and left