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Tired of lame TV shitcoms? So am I. Check out the rant section for the path to enlightenment.


Added a new Battle.net report celebrating the ass-kicking of newbies everywhere: Early Ownage


Added a new rant titled Help America by planting your foot up Hollywood's ass

8/20/03 - Grand Opening

After some annoying FTP errors, Terra Zero is finally online! Check out the different sections and tell me what you think. Some of the pages are under construction, but I'll be sure to update them whenever I get around to it, probably every week or so. Notifications of updates and new content will be shown on this page. Enjoy!

I am: Thoroughly Antisocial

I think people suck and that they are fairly stupid. I avoid large social gatherings like the plague. Maybe I tolerate a friend or two if they drop by to say hi.

How antisocial are you?

Link to this site with these images! Let the epidemic grow...

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